Thursday, March 4, 2010


The dates for the 21st consecutive DUPHOFF (Drunk Urban Professionals Having an Outdoor Float Fest) have been decreed by Brother Hoff. The boys of summer will be floating down the Current & Jack's Fork Rivers from July 22 - 26.

DUPHOFF is my annual "guys only" canoe trip with both friends from childhood and those of more recent years. DUPHOFF was founded in 1984 and resurrected in 1990 by Burlington, Iowa boys who attended BHS during the 80's and became familiar with the crytal clear spring fed waterways of deep Southern Missouri.

DUPHOFF is a democratic (as in by the people, for the people) society made up of elite individuals who challenge nature, human ABV tolerances, and their own digestive tracts while floating the turbulent waters that make up the Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Southern Missouri.

Above are a few pictures from last year and below are a few designs from the annual t-shirt issued to each participant. Looking forward to seeing the 40 or so guys who will make the trek this year!

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